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My name is Ibrahim and this is my blog
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I wish I wish

With all my heart



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i’m really fucking unhappy, and have been for a while…. but i don’t think anyone’s noticed. or they’re just too busy to care. 


Even when you feel down, you need to keep on going forward.


Sometimes I wish I was more outgoing so I can actually have friends.


i wish i wasn’t so dumb and could just say what i feel and didn’t let these feelings eat at me

come over and make me smile


You don’t have to waste your time
On a poem like this
Yet you let your eyes wander
this silly little rhyme
Because I am sad
And because you are reading
I ask you please
Let me use someone as a launching pad
Let me see the stars
So that I may become bright
Let me see the nebula
So that I may feel alright
This is just another poem
As you can plainly see
But this is written from emotion
And filled with need.



I don’t think I’m the best person to tell you how to deal with feeling down, because I deal with it terribly. 

Instead, I’ll tell you what not to do: You may feel like not getting out of bed and facing the world. DO NOT succumb to that feeling. Get out of bed, wash your face, go out and smile, watch your favorite movie, eat your favorite food, text a friend and ask them to tell you a funny joke, give yourself some to look forward to. Just please don’t shut yourself away. 

Even if you say “it’s only for today”, don’t because a day can become a week, a week becomes a month, a month becomes a year; and next thing you know you’re stuck in depressing downward spiral. 

Try some smile therapy:


holding a pencil in your mouth, like so, simulates the muscle movements of a smile, when practiced for extended periods of time may lead one feeling happier, more satisfied or just in a slightly better mood.


The sad thing is that I don’t even know why I’m sad